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Dear Business Partner

GSC-Solution GmbH has been closed due to corona pandemic since 01.05.2020.

However, I am still available for all my regular customers for advice and recommendations by usual means of communication.

The reason for my decision is that as asthmatic I am belonging to the high risk group.

If one trusts the media, our life will only be normal again when a vaccine against Covid-19 has been found and approximately 80% of the world population has been vaccined.

Nobody knows how long it will take.

I think that the whole matter will keep us busy for at least one to two years if only I imagine that this vaccine has to be produced, packed and forwarded for people.

It will take about one year to plan and even build such a production facility.

I want to spend the time with sensible things like further education and training.

I hope you will all take care of your yourselves, families and colleagues, stay healthy and that we all will meet again one day.

My best wishes for you until then and kind regards.

Christoph Schleip