About us


Orner Christoph Schleip The Global Service Company was established by Christoph Schleip after 30 years experience in industry and service. The basis of this start-up is creativity, commitment and determination to offer a well postitioned service to increase productivity, performance and availability. Our strengths are troubleshooting, repair as well as maintenance of complex industrial installations. We attach special importance to a dedicated and efficient service which enables to eliminate faults and to modify all types of industrial facilities by employing the latest technology.

Customers and contractors

Right from the beginning, we focused to the needs of the following areas:

- Printing Industry

- Paper-working Industry

- Flexible Materials

Our Targets

shipping flexo printing stand Due to the rapid growth of the industry and the increasing performance of the production facilities, quality and service are of vital importance. Especially with regard to the latter we are reliant on the cooperation and detailed knowledge of our staff. Our promise is a more efficient use of the available resources. Our pursuit and our work is measured by satisfied customers who will recommend us. This is the best and most cost-effective advertising for us.

Flexo printing

4x4 Flexo printing is similar to the gravure printing process in which the printing cylinders are engraved. The flexo printing plates from photopolymer or rubber have to be exposed and etched, this is more favourable in contrast to gravure printing. After exposure and etching, the plates are glued detachably to round printing cylinders with double-sided tape and installed in the flexographic printing machine. This procedure is called mounting or setting. Solvents and water-based inks with low viscosity are used.


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